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MCP Leads Financing in Redi.Health

Redi.Health, provider of health management technology that improves total patient health, is announcing it has secured seed funding, led by Cleveland, Ohio-based Mutual Capital Partners (MCP), to broaden the development and availability of its novel platform that improves daily health management for polychronic patients. The financing is supported with additional investment from M25, Rev1 Ventures and Plug and Play.

The population of polychronic patients (those with three or more chronic diseases), is expected to triple to nearly 90MM patients in the next decade. For these patients, the management of appointments, medications and daily life is critical. Redi.Health combines health management and partnered pharmaceutical manufacturer support into one tool to deliver a truly patient-centric platform that helps people improve their adherence as well as their quality of life.

“The complex needs of polychronic patients have not yet been addressed by the market - so we’ve focused on developing a technology that is built for them,” said Luke Buchanan, co-founder and CEO of Redi.Health. “By providing a contemporary pathway for pharmaceutical companies, hubs, and other partners to support and engage patients digitally, Redi.Health aims to bridge the technology gap of Pharma and Patient Support so patients can achieve their best outcome. With this funding from leaders in Ohio and beyond, we’re poised to accelerate our commercialization of this very important technology.”

The financing will support the continued growth of the Redi.Health team, as well as its go-to-market strategy to reach leaders in the healthcare industry, including Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Specialty Pharmacies.

“Luke and the Redi.Health team impressed us from day one with their strong track record and vision for a game-changing healthcare technology that serves multiple markets and stakeholders,” said Liz Todia, Principal at MCP. “Redi.Health has created a dynamic solution that helps an underserved patient population manage their daily health and we are proud to support them as they innovate and grow.”

For more information about Redi.Health’s ground-breaking approach, visit


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