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Catalyst OrthoScience Introduces Archer™ 3D Targeting Imaging Software For Preoperative Planning

Catalyst OrthoScience Inc. (Catalyst), a medical device company focused on the upper extremity orthopedics market, today introduced a preview of Archer™ 3D Targeting, imaging software designed to support preoperative planning for shoulder arthroplasty. Licensed in partnership with 3D-Shoulder, a subsidiary of 3D-Side, Archer 3D Targeting leverages decades of shoulder experience to help surgeons gain a better understanding of the patient’s pathology and create a surgical plan in advance of the procedure.

Archer 3D Targeting uses a two-dimensional image such as a CT scan or MRI, which almost all patients already would need in advance of a shoulder arthroplasty. The surgeon uploads the imaging and a plan with recommendations on how best to place the implants is produced. Surgeons can review and adjust the plan as needed before finalizing.

“We’re excited to launch Archer 3D Targeting and offer a valuable tool to surgeons who prefer to make preoperative plans, particularly as they address more complicated pathologies,” said Brian K. Hutchison, chairman and CEO of Catalyst. “Our focus remains on the shoulder – and staying ahead of the preferences of the surgeons we serve. Offering image software is the latest step in providing a comprehensive and innovative set of solutions for shoulder arthroplasty.”

Archer 3D Targeting is the latest innovation from Catalyst, joining the pioneer Archer™ CSR Total Shoulder System and the Archer™ R1 Reverse Shoulder System, which was introduced in March.

Read more about the system here


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