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Introducing Liam McGuire, Outstanding Summer Intern

This summer, we had the pleasure of Liam McGuire joining Mutual Capital Partners as an intern. Liam has assisted us on various projects and helped the team in countless ways.

My name is Liam McGuire and I am a rising Junior at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School studying Finance. I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio and graduated from Saint Ignatius High School in 2018. This summer at Mutual Capital Partners I am working on assessing new investments, speaking with entrepreneurs, and supporting MCP’s portfolio companies. Some of my favorite projects have included creating competition and comparable exit summaries for startups that MCP is interested in and constructing an archive containing the details of past funding rounds that MCP has participated in. At Emory University I am an athlete on the NCAA Cross Country and Track & Field teams. I am also the Chief Investment Officer of the Goizueta Investment Management Group, a student-led investment fund that manages a small portion of Emory University’s endowment. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching Cleveland sports, and playing cards.

The most important thing I have learned this summer is how valuable relationships are in venture capital and finance. The MCP team has built a strong network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts that they consult often. I’ve been most surprised to learn how many startups MCP looks at before investing. The firm sees hundreds of businesses every year and it speaks to their talent and experience that they are able to pick the ones that will be successful.

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