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enosiX Welcomes New CEO

MCP is excited to welcome D. Wayne ‘DP’ Poole as the CEO of portfolio company, enosiX!

Following the announcement of their Series B funding, DP brings incredible experience to the enosiX team as they move into our next phase of growth. DP was one of the first ten employees at ExactTarget where he served in sales and operational leadership roles on the executive team, and helped grow revenue to more than $350 million. Post acquisition by Salesforce, DP was instrumental in establishing and growing Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. Most recently, he led sales, operations, and customer success globally as an executive at Cheetah Digital, an independent cross-channel marketing company, a recent divestment from Experian led by Vector Capital.

The former CEO and co-founder, Gerald Schlechter, has transitioned into our Chief Technology Officer role, where he will be focusing on making customers successful through innovative low-code offerings.

The year 2019 will be a year to remember! We could not be more excited to welcome DP to the team to help us continue along our growth trajectory and serve customers in their digital transformations.

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