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RevLocal Keeps on Winning!

RevLocal earned the number one spot on’s top 10 Best Franchise Web Marketing Suppliers list. is an independent guide that ranks franchises as well as businesses that provide franchise marketing services. To earn this ranking, businesses were evaluated on balance of strategy and methodology as well as criteria such as needs analysis, reporting methods, on-page optimization and more.

According to Jeev Trika, representative of, “RevLocal runs a very strong franchise focused optimization department. We have evaluated more than 50 companies, and RevLocal’s services are highly customized to franchises that want to surpass the competition,” Trika said.

RevLocal President Aaron Boggs said that RevLocal earned the top ranking on this list because of its brand-compliant franchise marketing practices. “It’s exciting to help accelerate franchise brands with an online marketing solution that works. We are helping solve a problem that faces a majority of the ‘zors and ‘zees we talk to. What RevLocal does is grow the Franchise brand, implement the marketing strategy and ensure brand compliance at the local level. Our customers love us because we actually provide a real relationship with every local ‘zee individually,” Boggs said.

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