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RevLocal Remains the Leader in Local Search

Last week, RevLocal became the first ever recipient of the LSA Digital Marketer Certification, a recognition awarded by Local Search Association (LSA), a not-for-profit association specializing in local marketing. The program was launched today, and RevLocal was the first of only three companies to be awarded the certification.

To receive this certification, businesses must pass LSA’s stringent review process, which includes a review of business practices and employee training. LSA evaluates sales practices, service standards and employee training as well as client security and privacy before awarding the certification.

The certification is designed to help businesses find and compare trusted digital marketing providers. It will also teach businesses what to expect from their digital marketing efforts.

According to LSA, “Small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to identify quality and reliable digital marketing partners to help promote their products and services. Forty-four percent of small business owners say they are challenged to find partners who deliver a return on investment, while 38 percent say they face hurdles selecting partners they can trust.”

LSA must find that businesses are committed to honesty, transparency and providing value to clients in order to award this certification.

RevLocal Company President, Aaron Boggs, says that RevLocal received this certification because of the company’s relationship-based approach to marketing.

“LSA has recognized that businesses are tired of being taken advantage of, and there has never been a greater need for a trusted digital marketing partner. The effort RevLocal puts into educating our consultants, who live in the communities they serve, is one of the things that sets us apart,” Boggs said. “We are part of an industry that fails serve the customer or provide a relationship, but RevLocal is on a mission to fix this problem. We provide our clients with a team of experts who are with them every step of the way.”

For more information about RevLocal, please visit RevLocal.

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