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SPR Therapeutics Unveiled New Datasets on SPRINT® PNS at ASPN 2023

SPR Therapeutics had a significant presence at the American Society of Pain & Neuroscience (ASPN) Annual Conference again this year. The event took place in Miami Beach July 13-16 and featured research and clinical discussions from many of the leading voices in pain and neuroscience.

Application of the SPRINT® PNS System was featured in four presentations of new datasets including an oral presentation of Retrospective Review of Real-World Outcomes Across Multiple Health-Related Domains Following 60-day Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Used for Shoulder Pain. This review featured assessment of four domains of health (pain, quality of life, physical function, and sleep) which reflects a more holistic approach evaluating the impact of pain treatment for patients. The real-world evaluation found that 80 percent of patients saw clinically significant improvement in at least one health-related domain and nearly half achieved improvement in all four domains following SPRINT PNS treatment for shoulder pain.

Additional real-world, multi-domain data was shared on the utilization of SPRINT PNS for knee pain, along with new datasets on nerve target specific applications for the groin and cluneal nerves. To view all the material presented at ASPN 2023, visit the SPR website.

“The continued expansion of SPRINT to address pain via a wide range of nerve targets is an exciting development in our continued growth and efforts to restore an improved quality of life to pain sufferers. The multi-domain outcomes are a measure helping illustrate the potential impact the SPRINT System may offer patients,” said Josh Boggs, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at SPR Therapeutics.

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