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OrthAlign's Handheld Nav System Hits 300,000 Case Milestone

With this milestone, OrthAlign, Inc. is indisputably in the top ranks of global surgical navigation suppliers—standing toe to toe, if not in fact leading, Stryker, Zimmer and DePuy.

In the OR, you can never be too “efficient” or “intuitive.” OrthAlign, a handheld navigation technology from Aliso Viejo, California-based has hit those marks—roughly three hundred thousand times.

“The fact that OrthAlign has been used in 300,000 surgeries worldwide is a testament to the data-backed accuracy of our platform,” said company’s Vice President of Marketing Nic Aldrich to OTW. “Since OrthAlign was formed nearly 13 years ago, it has been featured in over 25 peer-reviewed

publications with strong clinical results.”

Aldrich and the OrthAlign team have made—and kept—a commitment to quality and delivering clinical value. “We are driven by the belief that everyone deserves exceptional healthcare, and we’re committed to making empowering technologies accessible to all. We continue to focus on developing technology that is accurate, easy-to-use, efficient, and cost-effective.”

The company is indeed hearing from surgeons that Lantern is providing them with highly accurate component positioning for total, partial, and revision knee surgeries. In addition, the 7-ounce device, a single-use disposable unit, easily integrates into your existing OR workflow, with no extra time, equipment, or processes required.

“Our engineers crafted something that is brilliant in its simplicity and requires no additional work or planning on the part of the surgeon,” Aldrich told OTW. “Surgeons are often contending with multiple techs, changing staffs, different implant systems, etc., and they are relieved to find that the Lantern system brings ease of use to the table in a way that’s very similar to manual joint instrumentation.”

OrthAlign is a Mutual Capital Partners Fund II portfolio company. You can read more here


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