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Liz Todia Promoted to Principal at Mutual Capital Partners

We are pleased to share that Liz Todia has been promoted to Principal! Liz joined Mutual Capital Partners four years ago and has made a tremendous impact in all areas of our operations. She has developed strong connections with entrepreneurs across the country resulting in a near doubling of MCP’s deal flow. A steady source of assistance for our portfolio companies, Liz has helped on projects ranging from capital raising to recruiting (and pretty much everything in between). As our limited partner investors can attest, Liz is always available to respond to questions and hosted the smoothest MCP annual meeting to date. Her leadership on the executive committee of VentureNext has helped to pull together over 100 funds with over $8 billion in assets under management to promote investment in the Midwest and share knowledge among peers. Liz also serves on advisory boards of the Medtech Launch Fund, the JumpStart Leaders Council, the University of Dayton’s Crotty Center Advisory Council, and the West Side Catholic Center where her business and personal skills are helping entrepreneurs and the community in general in untold ways.

“Liz has been an integral piece of the turnaround we have experienced the last two years at Vox Mobile. She is always willing to chip in and help with problem solving, and her performance has been timely and excellent. Her promotion is well deserved.” Pete Paras, CEO of Vox Mobile.

“Liz has been working with me for four years and she has been an invaluable resource. We encountered many complex projects over the years that required the help of a smart person. She is on speed dial! Cap table management, ERP implementation support, new VC investor qualification, new VC introduction for fundraising, investor communications and much more. Congrats on a well-deserved promotion!” Tom Barrett, CEO of 7Signal.

Liz is helping to shape the future of MCP and we are excited to watch her continued rapid progress in the future. Congratulations Liz and please keep charging!


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