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Checkpoint Surgical Expands Product Portfolio with Addition of NeuroShield® Chitosan Nerve Wrap

Checkpoint Surgical, Inc. has announced an expansion of their intraoperative nerve care product line with the introduction of the NeuroShield® Chitosan Nerve Wrap. The NeuroShield Wrap marks Checkpoint’s first product in a planned line of chitosan-based biological implants to support nerve healing. This addition complements Checkpoint Surgical’s existing product portfolio, including the company’s flagship Checkpoint Nerve Stimulator/Locator, the leading nerve stimulation device for intraoperative nerve protection and repair.

“With the addition of NeuroShield, Checkpoint takes a significant step toward a more comprehensive intraoperative nerve care solution,” said Len Cosentino, CEO of Checkpoint Surgical. “Adding a second innovative product platform to our unique nerve stimulation platform fits squarely in our nerve care mission and helps us realize our vision to be the leading research and technology resource for peripheral nerve care surgeons.”

NeuroShield is the first commercial nerve wrap made from chitosan, a non-protein, resorbable, material that has been used successfully for more than 20 years in a variety of medical applications worldwide. NeuroShield’s chitosan hydrogel structure supports and protects the underlying nerve structure during soft tissue healing. Over time, the chitosan membrane naturally resorbs and degrades into compounds that may be beneficial for nerve regeneration.

Read more about their new product here


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