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7Signal Announces Mobile Eye for Mini PC at #WLPC 2020

7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM), announced today that the company has released Mobile EyeTM for Mini PC. The new solution addresses the need for visibility into the Wi-Fi behavior in remote offices and enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) devices with non-traditional or no operating system including medical, warehouse and manufacturing equipment.

“Simply plug a Mobile Eye enabled Mini PC into an AC outlet or USB port and the platform will begin monitoring the Wi-Fi,” said Eric Camulli, Customer Success Officer at 7SIGNAL. This release comes shortly after the company received customer requests to test off-the-shelf products to determine a minimum standard for enterprise use cases.

Mobile Eye uses patented technology to scan the wireless network for Wi-Fi problems that are missed by traditional controller-based monitoring solutions including:

  • Roaming

  • Adjacent & co-channel interference

  • Adapter and driver combinations

  • Coverage

  • Congestion

Read more about the new product here

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