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7SIGNAL Awarded Patent for Measuring Wireless Network Performance Using Mobile Devices

7SIGNAL®, the leader in enterprise Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM), has been issued US patent number 10,251,120 for using “mobile devices to measure wireless network performance” that leverage the computing technology behind the company’s Mobile Eye module. Mobile Eye is the only solution on the market that proactively monitors Wi-Fi roaming, radio frequency interference, wireless coverage, network congestion, and client configuration from the end user device. This marks the company’s eleventh global patent.

The patent entitled, System and Method for Wireless Network Performance Measurement and Management Using Remote Devices, addresses the need to provide full visibility into wireless service quality within the $6.1 billion enterprise WLAN market that grew 10.3% year over year in the 4thfourth quarter in 2018 and 7.1% for the full year, according to IDC.

Mobile Eye is an enterprise SaaS solution that solves complex Wi-Fi problems faster than hand-held legacy tools, more cost effectively than analytics platforms and more reliably than access point providers. By leveraging user experiences from mobile devices, 90 days of connection history, as well as the processing power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mobile Eye can pinpoint wired, wireless and device related problems before productivity, data and revenue are lost.

Read more about the new patent here

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