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MCPF II Portfolio Raised Nearly $30M This Summer

The summer of 2018 has been a great one for Mutual Capital Partners Fund II's portfolio companies! On top of record revenue growth and talent joining our companies, 7SIGNAL, enosiX, OrthAlign, and Vox Mobile raised approximately $30 million of combined expansion capital. We are pleased with the progress of our five portfolio companies and expect great outcomes for them in the future. For more information on each of our portfolio companies, please click here.

Mutual Capital Partners Overview With over $43 million of commitments from existing and new investors including family offices and institutions, Mutual Capital Partners Fund III invests in premier businesses in the healthcare and business-to-business software industries. As a leading investor in rapidly growing, intellectual property driven businesses, we’ve combined the best elements of an angel fund into a committed capital, professionally managed venture fund. Our ideal investment candidates have:

  • a strong management nucleus on which to build;

  • at least 5 customers that can be referenced and $250,000 in revenue (preferably recurring);

  • an ability to achieve gross margins of 50% (or higher);

  • equity capital needs of $10 million or less at the time we invest; and

  • located outside of major U.S. tech centers (Silicon Valley north & New York City north)

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