Our Start

Due to the lack of venture capital in the Midwest, we created Mutual Capital Partners in 2004 to lead or co-lead investments in promising companies looking for venture capital. Management is a key focus for us and we work with the 100+ investors in our funds to assist us in due diligence, make customer introductions for our portfolio companies, and provide ongoing advice and counsel to our portfolio executives.

Latest Headlines

Vox Mobile is hiring! October 17th

Please visit http://www.voxmobile.com/careers/ for more information.  Specifically, an inside sales/business development representative is critically needed. [...] read more

Welcome RevLocal to the MCP family! June 14th

We are excited to announce that Columbus-based RevLocal, the leader in personalized digital marketing, is the latest company to join our portfolio. After nearly four years of getting to know each other, MCP and RevLocal concluded a $3 million growth [...] read more

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